What Does It Cost?

      To Invest for the Future, Invest in Yourself Today,  Use our proven, home-based business program.

Mail House Training

Our full package is available for a one time fee of $9,995 and we will charge you a small fee ($10-$20) for each job we process for you. You can pass this fee onto your customers as a “setup fee.” You will also need a specialized printer  and we will include a refurbished one for the total price. That is the total upfront fee. After that there are a few incidentals such as mailing permits, stationery and accounting software – items you would need with any home business. We assume you already have a Windows-based computer and an email address.

You will also need another $2,500 available to help you market yourself. We strongly suggest joining a local networking group, which could cost $1,000 – $1,500 per year and you should do some additional local advertising.

You will receive a protected territory, based on your zip code. To get you started, we will include 5,000 5″ x 7″ color postcards and a list of 5,000 businesses in your protected area. You will mail the postcards to introduce yourself to those businesses. We will even pay the postage for you!

To help you get started, we will also waive the per job fees for your first year.

Because we are providing training, a printer, introductory postcards, a business mailing list, paid postage and waiving job fees, we are not able to offer financing.

Earn financial freedom by working from home.

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