What Can I Earn?

 To Invest for the Future, Invest in Yourself Today,  Use our proven, home-based business program.

Frankly, that depends upon how much you want to work. You can consider this a permanent side job and earn a couple of hundred dollars per week, or start small with the intention of blowing it up to full time employment. It works either way, we know that from experience.

We initially started this in a spare bedroom, then moved the operations out to our garage when we needed more room. When we moved to Vermont we again started in a spare bedroom before renting space from a printing company. In both cases the operations remained what you would consider almost “part time.”

When we bought the printing company in California, we immediately purchased all the mailing equipment we knew we would need for a full time operation and that’s what it became.

When we sold our business we had one client who was mailing between 50,0000 and 80,000 pieces every week with us. Even at only 5 cents each, that was $2500 to $4,000 per week in profit!

Realistically, you can do well with this business. We’ve made over several hundred thousand dollars over the years and when we sold our businesses last year the mailing house portion went for over a hundred thousand dollars.

Oh, and the recession of 2007-2009? Never made a difference to our income. In fact, those years were better than the previous ones.

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Earn financial freedom by working from home.
Probably about 10,000 pieces