And Congratulations!

If you’ve been thinking about running your own business from home you’ve come to the right place.

This is a unique opportunity to start and run your own business and finally be in control of your financial future.

First, what ARE NOT:

We’re not any sort of MLM or dropship program. There are no candles, essential oils, bitcoin or cannibus products to force upon your friends and family. We are not any kind of get rich quick scheme. And let’s be honest – you know you’re not going to earn $1,000 in the next 18 minutes, regardless of what the ads say.

What we ARE:

This is an opportunity to develop a small company Mail House. What is a Mail House? It is the final link in the direct marketing chain whereby businesses mail their promotional materials to consumers. There are no products and there is no shipping involved. Instead, you handle business mail.


One of the best known and successful examples of a direct mail campaign is the monthly blue postcards you receive from Bed, Bath & Beyond. If you’ve ever bought anything from them that required giving your address, then you’re on their mailing lists.

But even though the postcard offers 20% off an item at Bed, Bath & Beyond, they didn’t send that card to you. Instead, once the cards were printed they were shipped to a Mailing House that handles the BB&B account. There, the Mail House looks over the list, removes duplicates, and corrects all the addresses to US Postal Service’s specifications, sorts the list according to USPS’s current codes, addresses the postcards including the required bar code and finally, brings those thousands of post cards to the Post Office.

Although not generally known, the Post Office offers generous postage discounts to companies who do some of their work for them – and that’s what Mail Houses do, passing along the postage savings to their business customers, then charging for the work.

Another example might be a realtor who is planning an open house and they want to tell everyone in the neighborhood. They could mail the postcards themselves, printing and affixing labels and pay 55 cents each for postage. Or they could have you do it for them, then the realtor pays postage of 30 cents, pays you 5 cents and still saves 20 cents each while you did all the work! If this sounds like  a “no-brainer”, it actually is and most businesses recognize that.

We started out just like you, in a spare bedroom and over the last 25 years have literally made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing this. We had one customer that mailed 50,000 pieces per week through us!

As you can imagine, some special training and equipment is necessary to run your Mail House, and you’re correct. We provide that special training and make sure you have the right equipment. We charge $9995 for the training and you’ll pay between $2,000-$3,500 for a used specialty printer. So you will need to make an investment in your future. But can you think of a better investment than in yourself?

To learn more visit our website at USMailingSystems.com or complete our interest form at contact-us or call today at (609) 757-4220 and ask for Richard.

We look forward to talking with you!