How It Works

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There are actually three “sections” to a mailing: (1) design and printing; (2) mail list preparation and USPS Regulations – our specialty; and (3) physically addressing the mail and bringing it to the Post Office (your job).

Designing the Mail Piece

As noted we no longer do design work, but we still own a printing company, and we can offer you and your customers their printing done for considerable savings. Our printing site is an online service, available 24/7, with complete design capabilities and discounted pricing. In fact, you will always be entitled to a 10% discount. And since our prices are so low, you’re getting the printing done virtually at cost and you may be able to mark it up some if you wish. We can also recommend graphic artists who can create extraordinary printing designs – you will work with them directly.

Mail List Preparation

Mail list preparation and USPS Regulations are our specialty. When your customer sends you a copy of their mailing list, usually an Excel file, you forward it to us. We will remove any duplicates, then correct the addresses to USPS specifications and Certify that the list is correct. Then we will sort the list according to the latest USPS regulations and electronically return the list to you.  We will also send you a copy of the mailing report you present to your local Post Office.

Physically Addressing the Mail Pieces

Once you receive the list from us, you physically address the mail pieces according to the documentation we provide, and finally bring the mail to the Post Office.

So your responsibilities include getting customers (sales), and physically addressing their mail pieces and delivery to the Post Office.

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