No and absolutely not. This is an opportunity to work with us and create your own business. Once you are trained we will support you and help you be successful, but we do not take any percentage of your sales. In this business you sell a service, you set your prices and there is no incentive to bring others into the business.

Technically, it’s called a Mail House. You take printed materials such as postcards, envelopes, newsletters and you address them on behalf of your customers. The mailing industry generates billions of dollars in annual sales.

We know of no other business opportunity like this. However, we’ve used our experience to setup three successful mailing businesses and we have been running this model since 1997. Please read our testimonials – they are from people we worked with for over a decade using this exact system.

Again, no. Those are retail establishments with an emphasis on package shipping and business-to-consumer sales. We are strictly business-to-business and a retail location is not necessary. We do not do any package shipping.

Part of your initial fee will be used for a refurbished specialty printer. Other than that you will need a computer (PC, not Mac), a standard office printer and a copy of Microsoft Office.

Yes, it is the US Postal System, not the New Jersey Postal System or the California Postal System or the Alabama Postal System. The same rules apply throughout the entire United States.

Like any business, you will need to get customers first. Your best customers will already understand the business of direct mail advertising and the cost saving you bring to them. You take your customer’s mailing lists and then send them to us. We will standardize the list according to US Postal Service’s specifications, compare the list to the Post Office’s National Change of Address Registry, remove duplicates to save money and then send the list back to you in a USPS Certified format with all appropriate paperwork for a discounted mailing. Take your customer’s mail pieces, address them according to the unique sortation and bring them to your local Post Office.

Frankly, that depends upon what your goals are. We’ve run three successful full time businesses doing this. If your goal is to run a part-time business earning some money while working from home or to supplement retirement income, this business will do that. Run part time you can earn about $25,000 per year. If it’s your intention to start small and to create a full time income and a business with residual value, then welcome to the world of entrepreneurship. We’ll help you get there. Run as a full time Mail House you should net $50-$60,000 per year. And once you reach that level you can add additional equipment and services to boost your income even higher.

We will charge you an upfront fee for training and each time you send us one of your customer’s files for processing we will charge you a nominal fee, generally about $10. That may be the most interesting part of our arrangement. We are only successful if you are successful.

This seems to be the question most people ask first, so I will expand my answer. In over twenty years in the mailing business we have had customers in almost every industry. Our client list has included hotels, doctors, dentists, attorneys, engineering firms, realtors, schools and universities, large companies, churches, homeowner associations, political candidates, municipalities, even unions. So the key is getting known for what you can do for them. We strongly recommend joining a small business networking group, such as a local BNI. Membership may cost upwards of another $1,000 per year, but it will be worth it, since you will meet other business people just like yourself. Moreover groups like BNI have a mission where members dedicate themselves to providing referrals to other members. You help them, and they help you. That is most important, since it immediately increases your customer base.

Interestingly,  printers  who advertise mailing services may become your customers since many small print shops don’t actually have the necessary equipment or expertise, but outsource the work. Contact your local printers and see if you can become their subcontractor.

Look at the mail you receive – any local business already doing direct mail is an obvious potential customer for you. (Hint: Don’t waste time with local franchises or company owned stores – they already have large mail houses doing the work for them.)

As I’ve tried to explain before, this isn’t any “get rich quick” scheme.  This is a real business and it will take some time to develop a customer base.

Let’s make a couple of assumptions. Let’s assume that you do only six jobs per week, each job about 1,500 pieces and you charge $50 per thousand. That’s only $450 per week, but each job should only take about one hour’s time plus another 30 minutes at the Post Office (you go “around the back” of the Post Office and don’t have to wait at the front counter). It is not hard to build up a clientele where you could do five or six jobs a day. And we’ve done jobs that are over 200,000 pieces. (The average job size is actually 2,064 pieces.)

Absolutely.  In fact, we’ll help you. If you want to add printing for your customers we have a full commercial print shop, http://www.USPrintingSystems.com , and you can use it to quote on your jobs. (And you get a 10% discount!) Use us, or use a printer who is local to you. We can offer design service referrals, and designing for direct mail is very different than regular print designing or designing for the Web. So we can recommend graphic artists who know what they’re doing. We can help you create mailing lists for your customers who need them. And we can tell you what kind of equipment you need to fold and insert 1500 letters into envelopes in an hour when you’re ready to expand your business.

Not at all. We have had several non-printing  franchisees who were our customers. We repeatedly saw that their franchisor suggested that they get their supplies and materials from franchisor-approved vendors who tend to overcharge the “captive audience”. Or franchisors who insist the franchises use their accounting software and websites. We’ll help you, we’ll guide you, we’ll answer your questions. But it’s your business and you’re free to run it as you wish.

As an aside, the Post Office actually provides many of the supplies you will need.

Yes. In fact, that’s how we started in 1996. The only thing to keep in mind is that you will be carrying boxes of paper and trays of mail and they can get heavy. You don’t want to try running the business from a second floor bedroom. We learned that from experience, too.

Probably not. There is nothing inherently interesting about addressing mail. But people are always curious about businesses and there is the very real satisfaction of a job well done.

Our training program includes ten online videos covering everything from direct mail concepts to how to find customers. Plus a training manual that is the syllabus for the videos. But it doesn’t end there. There is a website you’re welcome to use and modify for your business, a blog where you can communicate with other US Mailing System owners and a separate support website for file transfers and training. We will always  be available by email or telephone to answer any questions you have whenever you need us. And if there’s something you’re having trouble with we can always walk you through it via remote control. Our goal is to make you as successful as you want to be.

Addressing mail is really only the first step. As you grow, you’ll want to re-invest some of your profit into additional equipment that will make jobs easier and to be able to offer more services. First, you might want to consider a small conveyor to gather your addressed pieces and make the jobs run quicker and smoother. Afterwards, a machine that can fold and insert letters into envelopes will help you generate more income from fulfillment jobs. There’s plenty of work available, how much you want to do is entirely up to you.

Training and all follow-up support is available for a one-time charge of $9,995. As noted earlier, the only piece of specialty equipment you will need is an addressing printer and that is included in the price.

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