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To Invest for the Future, Invest in Yourself Today,  Use our proven, home-based business program.

You, too, can enjoy financial freedom from a home based business opportunity.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the Great Recession of 2007-2009 and the pandemic of 2020 it’s that if you work for someone else, you’re always at risk. Working for yourself can be risky, too, but at least you’re in control.

What This Is

US Mailing Systems is a business opportunity. For a fee, we will teach you everything you need to know and need to have to operate your own business, a “mail house”.  Mail Houses are the integral portion of the direct mail industry where promotional mail is physically addressed. It’s not glamorous, but it does earn a lot of money and it will be your business, something you can run out of your home or an office. You can be in charge of your future.

US Mailing Systems can teach you to run your own mail house service. When businesses in your area want to mail advertising to their customers, they need someone like you to process the mailing list. This is an easy-to-learn skill that can make you money. You can easily make thousands of dollars a month. You’ll learn how to correct mailing addresses and then physically address advertising mail and electronically submit the mailing to the post office. You can do this part-time or full-time. You are in charge of how big your business grows. Contact us to sign-up for the course.

The Story of US Mailing Systems

We’re Rich And Carol Macaluso, and we’ve been in business for ourselvesThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is richandcarol-2.jpg for over 45 years. Actually, we retired in 2019, selling our Californian printing and direct mail company and we moved back to New Jersey. We’ve started, ran and sold a chain of day care centers, a mail house, and the printing company.

But no one who’s worked for themselves really “retires”, they just take some time off to set up their next business! In our case it will be using what we know to help others develop their own businesses in the mail industry. Something called a “mail house.”

Let me explain. Like everyone else, you get hundreds of pieces of “junk mail” every month. Can you guess why? Because it works for the companies that send them to you. Although you may not be interested in what’s being offered, odds are that someone getting the same mail piece as you is interested and will buy. In fact, direct mail is one of the most profitable means of selling something. (“Direct Mail” is the term used to connote selling directly to the consumer, rather than in a store or through a wholesaler.)

Direct mail pieces may be designed by a graphic artist or by the seller themselves, but likely the actual mailing is done by a mail house that has the equipment to physically address thousands of mail pieces and, most importantly, get postage discounts from the Post Office. That way the mail house can do the mailing cheaper than the seller himself.

Your potential client list is anyone with something to sell – from the local pizza shop to government agencies. Realtors use direct mail to notify neighborhoods of new listings. We’ve mailed over 200,000 postcards advertising a ferry service and we’ve even sold a Bed and Breakfast Inn for over $1 million using direct mail and no realtor commission!

We started our first mail house in New Jersey in 1996, and continued it when we moved to Vermont in 1997.  In Vermont we started a second mail house, renting space from a printing company who offered our service to his customers. When we moved to Southern California in 2010, we purchased a printing company and added direct mail to its services. When we sold the business in 2019, the direct mail portion was making as much as the printing business!

And we’d like to teach you how to do it, too.

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US Mailing Systems is a division of The Building Blocks of Learning, Inc. a New Jersey Corporation established in 1974.

Let’s talk! Call us today at (609) 757-4220 or complete our contact form.


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